A wide range of Hollywood cinema-quality video services are currently being deployed for commercial use.

For entertainment, here are a couple of short films produced by my wife and I for a client with a beautiful 50,000 acre horse ranch in Texas...

However, on a more commercially-minded note – only truly high quality video can make a business stand out amongst today's enormous competition.

For instance, my suggestion for a specialized product aimed at the high-end real estate and tourism market would include:

  • Video produced utilizing top medium format Leica bodies and distortion free lenses for a uniquely sophisticated aesthetic appeal.
  • Camera rigs fully stabilized in state of the art three-axis motorized gimbals to provide the ultimate in smooth footage.
  • Aerial drone photography & videography to supplement traditional film with a countless variety of more extreme perspectives.
  • True studio grade portable strobe lighting used to balance complicated exposures and bring out details veiled in shadow.
  • Dramatically filmed interviews, voiceovers, and audio tracks to tie the overall video together in a cohesive manner.
  • Professional film editing, color grading, and post production all performed under industry best practices.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in becoming a participating client in this new endeavor.