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My wife and I own a beautiful 3,300 square foot (300 square meter) ranch-style home just outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas in the USA. Our 17 acres (70,000 square meters) are inhabited by our own quarter horses free roaming the pastures, filled with more Bermuda grass than they could ever eat and two ever-running freshwater creeks.


This idyllic location serves not only as our living space, but also as a quiet and peaceful central location from which we are able to creatively perform the enormous amount of behind-the-scenes work on all of our projects. This includes our office with state of the art 5k editing monitors, dedicated space for equipment management and storage, photography studio, chef’s kitchen for entertaining clients, and even the 600 square foot exterior garage is a gym so we can maintain our capability to endure the more physically demanding assignments.

The purpose of my describing all this, is that our home is open as a meeting area for any serious business or fine art inquires. This methodology also conveys a certain level of genuine transparency that seems such a rare commodity in today’s age. The warm, bright atmosphere of our massively windowed home fitted with wooden floors, a towering 18 foot (5.5 meter) high ceiling, and filled to the brim with fine art prints along the walls - not to mention complimentary Greek coffee & snacks - provide an ideal place to sit down with prospective clients and discuss the details of a potential endeavor or present updates on projects already underway.

Please keep in mind I am traveling quite often, so appointments are requested well in advance.


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